epornerx Carmela Clutch, Luna Luxe (Leave Your Girl to Me / 04.03.2024)


Nicky and Luna are hard at work, attempting to complete their school project. But Nicky is more scatterbrained than Luna and is missing many of his notes. He can get a copy from a friend, but that means he would need to leave Luna alone with his stepmom at the house. Carmela introduces herself, and Carmella’s beauty smites Luna.

What is Nicky doing with such a hot milf of a stepmom, Luna wonders. While Nicky is away, Luna makes her way to Carmella’s bathroom, where she finds Carmella nude and admiring herself in the mirror. Carmella knows Luna is looking to play, and Luna’s fibs don’t fool her. The busty milf picks Luna up and carries her to the bedroom. Luna feels her whole body tingle in excitement as Carmelle eats her pussy. She’s never been with such an experienced, horny woman before, and she’s completely under Carmella’s seductive spell. Their little session is interrupted when Nicky comes into the bedroom. epornerx


He is entirely caught off guard and can’t believe his eyes. Carmella, now amply turned on, isn’t going to let her stepson just watch. She pulls Nicky into the room and gets him down on his knees to help her eat Luna’s pussy. It’s wildly taboo, and Nicky knows it’s weird to eat a chick’s pussy alongside his stepmom, but he can see in Luna’s eyes that she’s thrilled by the kinkiness of the situation. It’s Nicky’s turn next, Luna and Carmella go to town on his cock.

Nicky never thought he’d have his dick sucked by his stepmom, but there he was, with his pants down and his cock deep down Carmella’s throat. Nicky has to fight hard not to cum right away, which is difficult, with two smoking hot babes giving him sloppy toppy. But he persists and holds steady until they’re ready to get fucked.epornerx

Luna rides Nicky’s cock first while Carmella sits on Nicky’s face. While Nicky eats his stepmom’s pussy, Carmella kisses Luna hard on the mouth and talks dirty to her. Carmella gets her turn and lets Nicky push his cock deep inside of her. The threesome is easily the kinkiest sex anyone in the group has had, and their pleasure is insurmountable. When Nicky can’t hold his load any longer, Carmella lies on her back so Nicky can cum on her face. He gives both Luna and Carmella as much cum as he can before the babes swap a sloppy, cum-covered kiss.epornerx

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Date: April 3, 2024

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