FreeuseFantasy2024 Claire Black, Alix Avery The Freeuse


Alix and Claire want to surprise FreeuseFantasy2024 their stepdaddy for Father’s Day. They tend to be forgetful, but this year, they’ve made sure they get

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him a sweet present for the special Daddy’s Day. Joey is beyond excited to open his gifts, but he’s even more excited to feel up Alix and Claire’s rockin’ bodies. He caresses their tits and enjoys every part of them. They love being used freely by their stepdaddy and just want him to be happy. Later, the crew watches a spooky movie, and Joey continues to use their bodies as he pleases. The girls give up their pussies and let Joey do whatever he likes. They take turns riding his cock, letting him penetrate them deeply. It’s hard

FreeuseFantasy2024 Claire Black, Alix Avery The Freeuse

Date: June 15, 2024

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