Hd92porn Giving The Perfect GiftHd92porn


Bikini season is Hd92porn and Jade Marris and Megan Marx are loving every minute of it! The girls come in from tanning, smacking each

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other with towels. They only relent when their sugar mama Jennifer White comes in and tells them to play nice. It’s Mother’s Day, after all, and Jade and Megan want to please her.
Joining Jennifer where she’s seated on the counter, Jade and Megan go about demonstrating that they’re the perfect sugar babies. Their caresses turn to kisses across Jennifer’s lap as the milf watches hungrily. The girls get even more handsy, caressing every titty in sight. Eventually Megan has her tongue between Jennifer’s thighs and Jennifer fingering Jade’s twat.
Taking things to the more comfortable bedroom, the girls get Megan on her knees. Jade kneels behind Megan to eat her fellow sugar aby out, while Jennifer is in control of both girls’ actions. When Jennifer urges Jade to lay down, Megan rides her friend’s face and Megan eats Jade’s pussy.
Megan goes for a twat feast next, licking at Jade’s snatch. Then the girls go cooch to cooch while Jennifer licks at both their clits. They finish with Megan and Jade working together to get Jennifer off. As they cuddle in the afterglow, they all agree this is the best Mother’s Day gift Jennifer could have wished for.

Hd92porn Giving The Perfect GiftHd92porn

Date: May 6, 2024

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