Porntrex Andi Romance Is Nice But Can You Fuck


Christy Love and Porntrex Andi Crystal Clark are on the phone complaining about how much their Mother’s Days have mutually sucked. The

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conversation drifts to their stepsons and how they’re both cute and hung, but they can’t keep a girlfriend. They decide that their Mother’s Day reward to themselves will be offering to help their stepsons with their issues in the girl department.
When they’re confronted, Ricky Spanish and Anthony Pierce admit they don’t know how to treat a girl. The ladies offer to show they guys a few things but swear they won’t fuck. After switching seats so that Ricky is with his Crystal and Anthony is with Christy, the boys show how they touch a lady’s boobs. After a bit of instruction about being gentle, they seem to be getting the hint. When the stepmilfs see that the boys have both popped boners, Crystal gets on her knees in front of Ricky and Christy does the same for Anthony to help them out.
It’s not long before the girls decide to teach their stepsons about pussy eating. They go to the couch where Anthony eats Christy out and Crystal walks Ricky through the same process. They can’t hold back their horniness anymore. Crystal rides Ricky in reverse cowgirl while Anthony dicks Christy in doggy. Finally the stepmoms swap back to their own stepsons so Ricky gets to do Christy on her back and Crystal gets to ride Anthony in cowgirl. They switch out one last time, with Christy taking Ricky in spooning and Crystal on her knees for Anthony. They keep it up until Anthony pulls out to nut on Crystal’s back and Ricky gives Christy a nice creampie to enjoy.

Porntrex Andi Romance Is Nice But Can You Fuck

Porntrex Andi
Date: May 2, 2024

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